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About VJ Industries:

With a strong focus on sustainability, VJ Industries is redefining the Industrial Gas space with world class solutions.

Our multiple business verticals include supply of Industrial gasses including calibration and speciality gases, manufacture, supply & installation of Hydrogen Quads/Cascade Gas storage systems, Biogas generation from waste, we also provide Factory Automation Sensors such as liquid level sensor and pressure transmitters. we are open for consultancy & equipment supply of Green hydrogen manufacture and Horiba Gas Analyzers.

Our Services:

  • Industrial Gases: We supply a comprehensive range of industrial gases, including calibration gases and specialty gases. We also provide services for gas calibration.
  • Hydrogen Storage Systems: We manufacture, supply, and install Hydrogen Quads and Cascade Gas storage systems.
  • Biogas Generation: We offer solutions for biogas generation from waste, promoting a sustainable waste management approach.
  • Factory Automation Sensors: We supply essential factory automation sensors, including liquid level sensors and pressure transmitters.
  • Green Hydrogen Solutions: We provide consultancy services and equipment supply for green hydrogen manufacturing, supporting the transition to clean energy.
  • Horiba Gas Analyzers: We offer Horiba brand gas analyzers, essential tools for gas analysis and monitoring applications.