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Horiba Gas Analyzers

Hydrogen Energy

HORIBA provides unique analysis and measurement technologies and solutions for optimizing the operation of alternative energy carriers such as hydrogen (H2) and ammonia (NH3) by combining “global network” x “measurement technology” x “engineering”.

In order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the use of new energy sources such as hydrogen and ammonia, so-called alternative energies, in place of fossil fuels is being promoted on a global scale. However, the efficient use of alternative energies poses various challenges for related industries.
We introduce a wide range of analysis and measurement solutions and engineering to meet those technical challenges in the industrial fields such as Fuel Cell, Hydrogen Station, Water Electrolysis. Not only to develop and provide analytical and measuring instruments, but also responding to various needs with combined our skills of engineering and consulting based on analysis, testing, and evaluation experiences, are expanded deliverables in our portfolio.


Ambient Carbon Monoxide Monitor

51 Series

Explosion-proof Gas Analyzer

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